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  1. Kitsune and Soldier


    March 13, 2016 by smithartonline

    The use of fables and parables to impart understanding is common around the world. Storytelling is an ancient vehicle for …
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  2. Revealed

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    May 21, 2015 by smithartonline

    With Revealed I am tentatively moving in a new direction, at least for the time being. I am currently approaching …
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  3. Sacred Signs


    April 24, 2015 by smithartonline

    For want of a better name, Sacred Signs seems to fit the bill. This is another mixed media on raw …
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  4. Deer Park

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    February 12, 2015 by smithartonline

    Deer Park is an example of a painting already existing in some ethereal place just needing an artist as a …
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  5. Hard Labor

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    May 30, 2014 by smithartonline

      I have always held a somewhat mystical attitude about works of art. The art piece already exists but needs …
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  6. Compassion and Wisdom

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    November 5, 2012 by smithartonline

    Compassion and Wisdom is a mixed media piece which has silver leaf applied to various areas: the moon phases and …
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