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  1. Le Rêve: The Revelation of the Oaks

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    April 8, 2020 by smithartonline

    My work is an attempt to recreate the visual experience of my ancient childhood walking through alleyways with my grandmother. …
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  2. Le Rêve: The Creation of the Night Sky

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    August 25, 2018 by smithartonline

    Le Rêve: Creation of the Night Sky continues the theme of creation through dreaming. Playing with various concepts of creation, …
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  3. A Balancing Act


    June 13, 2018 by smithartonline

    I have been invited to provide work for a small public display during the month of August. The work will …
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  4. Le Rêve: Third Day of Creation

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    March 16, 2018 by smithartonline

    Le Rêve: Third Day of Creation will be included in the 93rd Annual Pasadena Society of Artists Exhibition in April. …
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