My Chop (Logo)


The chop is an artist’s stamp serving as a unique identifier of the creator of a work of art. Each one is a personal representation of some aspects of that particular person.

In my case, there are two elements incorporated in the design. In the lower area, there is a meandering stream which happens to be in an “S” form: luckily for me both my first and last names start with the letter “S.” The upper area shows Fujiyama, the most notable landmark of Japan, which is where I was born.

2 thoughts on “My Chop (Logo)

  1. Joan says:

    So is this a stamp you create then? I have seen similar on paintings and love this idea!

    • Yes indeed. This one was developed when I taught at First Street Gallery and Art Center: all of our students and teachers needed a unique chop as an identifier used on prints. Developing a personal symbol is an excellent way to teach students about defining self and transforming that definition into a visual representation.

      I might recommend a wonderful video presenting Japanese name stamps and their history: a bit different from my chop but informative all the same.

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