7th Annual Coaster Show at Gallery 30 South


October 2, 2019 by smithartonline

The annual Coaster Show is presented by Matt Kennedy’s Gallery 30 South in Pasadena, California. Originally this show was shown at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Hollywood; this was the first Coaster Show I participated in. Last year the show moved over to the current venue.

Three of my pieces were accepted for inclusion. In previous shows I used the 4-inch round format, this year I preferred the 4-inch square but retained the round central image.

This is the statement presented by Mr. Kennedy about the exhibition:

This October is the Seventh Anniversary of Matt Kennedy‘s World Famous COASTER SHOW!  What started at La Luz de Jesus Gallery as an emergency replacement for a last minute cancellation has blossomed into the show that launched a thousand careers, and for the second year we’ll be hosting it at Gallery 30 South.

The Complete Index of this Year’s Coasters Is Now Posted!

The Seventh Anniversary of Matt Kennedy‘s World Famous COASTER SHOW is back at Gallery 30 South, and this year it’s the most exclusive collection we’ve ever showcased. We got more submissions but accepted fewer pieces than ever before, and the proof is right here.


Anyone can buy a full set of any artist’s coasters right now.

You can email us now at info@gallery30south.com or call us between 12-6PM.

If you want to mix and match pieces from any artists’ sets, you’ll have to wait until the show opens on Friday, October 4th at P.M.

After the opening night, we’ll respond to email requests for individual coaster sales in the order received, so if you can’t attend in person you can send us an email with your coaster requests, or call us on or after noon on Saturday, October 5th and thereafter.

Images of the entire show are online at the gallery’s site: http://gallery30south.com/coastershow2019/

Last week, members of Pasadena Society of Artists donated work for an auction benefiting Theatre of Hearts: Youth First. TOHYF is an organization dedicated to enriching children’s lives through the arts. The donated Whale, a small mixed media piece, was purchased; all funds went directly to the program.

2 thoughts on “7th Annual Coaster Show at Gallery 30 South

  1. dlsmith671 says:

    Terrific! The whale appears to be one of yours as well. Don

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