Creation Dreaming


July 2, 2019 by smithartonline

Creation Dreaming
Mixed Media Constructed Box
16 X 20 X 3 inches

I am a storyteller.

My work is a palimpsest of layered symbols and forms inviting the viewer to interact with the painting. Symbols tap into a subconscious mind. Each meeting is unique and personal for both the viewer and the work of art. Like a dream, the various elements may not make sense logically, but they create their own reality for the viewer to decipher. 

The titles I use for my works suggest a starting point for developing the visual interaction. Creation Dreaming makes reference to myths and folklore from around the world: a blending from multiple sources. Creation Dreaming presents the universally held concept that the material world is created through dreaming: reality is in the mind.

You sometimes dream of the butterfly,

How do you know the butterfly isn’t dreaming you?

This work will be presented at the Chaffey Community Museum of Art in the fall of this year as part of the annual member exhibition.


2 thoughts on “Creation Dreaming

  1. […] submission this year is Creation Dreaming, a mixed media constructed box. The work was in the Pasadena Society of Artists exhibition 2019 […]

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