A Kitsune for New York


March 7, 2019 by smithartonline

RoCo 6X6X2019 is a fundraiser exhibition for the Rochester Contemporary Art Center in New York. All works are in a 6X6 format and the support base must be thin enough to mount to the gallery wall with pushpins. All pieces are at the same price point and the artists are anonymous until the work is sold.

Kitsune Contemplating A Comet
Mixed media
6 X 6 inches

Kitsune Contemplating A Comet is assembled from bits and bobs of detritus I have sitting around from other works. The kitsune is a Japanese (possibly imported from China) folk character dating back to early Shinto times…a beautiful series of shape shifting tales that fuse the material world and the spiritual world. I have some solace thinking that the human race has not evolved so far as to have lost that bone in our heads that makes us want to create faith fables combining nature images and philosophical thoughts into a fanciful dialogue.

In the past year I have experienced a decline in interest creating anything art related. Happily, the 6X6X2019 announcement made its way into my emails and reignited the urge. Kitsune Contemplating A Comet is one of two pieces destined for New York. So, thank you RoCo!




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