Le Rêve: The Creation of the Night Sky

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August 25, 2018 by smithartonline

Le Rêve: Creation of the Night Sky
Mixed media constructed box
11.5 X 15 X 2.5 inches

Le Rêve: Creation of the Night Sky continues the theme of creation through dreaming. Playing with various concepts of creation, I have focused upon the sleeping female figure giving material form through thought.

This is a constructed box with a small section cut into the surface containing a comet form, somewhat reminiscent of a gau box found in Tibet. The small objects deemed precious are placed into a special place apart from the rest of the world.

This piece has a built up surface using Liquitex modeling compound, wood forms, and mouldings. A base coat of acrylic paint is applied by brush. Airbrushed acrylics are sprayed through stencil forms and various papers are collaged to the surface. The insert area is completed with a Dresden foil comet, printed paper and a stamp formed around a dowel. Glazing covers the area to protect it from dirt and dust. Finally, upholstery nail heads are added to the lower section as a nod to the moon.

The coloring is brighter than I traditionally employ. I have been influenced by the bright colors found in the photographs of Jeffrey Becom, as well as colors seen in India and Thailand on buildings and vehicles. The colors seem to shout joy…at least to me…I think it works with the theme.


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