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May 10, 2018 by smithartonline

Mixed media constructed box
11 X 14 X 2 inches

The story of Odysseus has always been a favorite of mine. The tale is built around several episodes presenting various layers wisdom and philosophical ruminations. One can never become bored with the Odyssey.

As a symbolist/storyteller artist, I present the viewer with symbols I associate with the story: each interaction will be unique, with symbols speaking to the individual’s experience.

Sirens presents Odysseus encountering the Sirens whose song draws sailors to their doom. It is the tale of risking all to bear witness to the sublime. The upper portion of the painting presents the ship and the bound Odysseus. The lower portion shows the captured souls of previous victims (the inverted bottles). The sirens occupy the roundels on either side of the picture. The golden wings approaching the central character refers to the physical characteristics of sirens: half woman and half bird.

Advancing in years, I note latent influences from my childhood. In this case, I employ Dresden foils in various areas. As a child, these foils were readily available and I used them regularly in various craft projects. Then they disappeared. Happily, within the last year or so, I discovered a source to obtain these again (obviously this was the main purpose of inventing the internet).


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