Le Rêve: Third Day of Creation

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March 16, 2018 by smithartonline

Le Rêve: Third Day of Creation
Mixed Media Box Construction
15 X 24 X 2.5 inches

Le Rêve: Third Day of Creation will be included in the 93rd Annual Pasadena Society of Artists Exhibition in April. Artists whose work will be in the show are to contribute a statement specific to the chosen work. Mine is as follows:

S.A. Smith

Le Rêve: Third Day of Creation

I am a storyteller, a symbolist. I provide the viewer with a set of visual symbols to draw upon to create a personal and intimate story. Each person will arrive at a very different destination. The journey is personal and interactive…always developing.

I have been focused upon the concepts of creation. In this case, it is the Judeo-Christian belief system used as a basis…with the addition of the dream state. The presented symbols reference the story while others are personally generated symbols. All relate to the third day of creation.

Even though I was the maker, there are still hidden corners that I have yet to explore. A work of art will continue to evolve even after the final paintbrush is put down. I know what the picture is saying to me: go find your own story.


“Sometimes you dream of the butterfly –

How do you know the butterfly isn’t dreaming you?”


This piece has its genesis in the Hebrew Scriptures/Old Testament. Every culture I am aware of has some sort of a creation story…this happens to be one of many which came to mind while the work progressed.


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