A Painting for Poe


February 17, 2018 by smithartonline

Picture for Poe
Mixed media constructed box
15.5 X 24 X 2.5 inches

There is a possibility of being included in an exhibition this fall. The requirements are that the work is to relate to writings of Edgar Allen Poe and the work is to be in black and white (after some whining and gnashing of teeth, the powers that be relented and allowed a little color).

The Poe quote I have chosen is:

And so being young
And dipped in folly,
I fell in love
With melancholy.

My being of a rather melancholic demeanor, the quote seems apropos.


4 thoughts on “A Painting for Poe

  1. dlsmith671 says:

    I LOVE it!!!

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  2. unusual color spectr for you, but so beautiful!

    • Thank you for stopping by and taking a look at the work. In the 1970s I worked almost exclusively in black and white, but then moved into color until now. It took a bit of ruminating to get back in the swing of working with little or no color, but I was able to achieve my aim with the help of referring to the photographs of Harrie Nijland (https://harrienijland2.wordpress.com/category/abstracts/) which reminded me of how to make things work. By all means, check out his site, you will not be disappointed.

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