Le Rêve


January 4, 2018 by smithartonline

Le Rêve
Mixed Media
6 X 6 X 1 inches

Le Rêve is a small (6 X 6 X 1 inch) mixed media work. I continue to challenge the brighter color palette, which I began to do after seeing photos of the sanitation buildings by California Institute of Technology in India. (You may view the article here). The brilliant decoration on the buildings is very much alive and purely joyful.

The small tree panels are Dutch leafed. The oak trees are in relief: the base of the tree form is built up with acrylic modeling paste, then the tree form is airbrushed with sepia paint over the gold base.

I collaged various postage stamps to the surface, fusing them with acrylic gel and paint. The face at the base also has a patterned translucent paper collaged down and then painted over both by hand brush and by airbrush with stencil.

Often I use fasteners on the surface: I do not hide them as a rule. I like the effect of things attached to a substrate. Leaving fasteners, like the screws and pins, for all to see, in addition to the collaged papers, works to create a feeling of history and the passage of time.

Temporarily, I must abandon the colorful world and finish a black and white construction for possible inclusion in an exhibition later this year. (Actually, it has become more a grisaille painting, but grey IS black and white…at least that will be my argument). As soon as the constructed piece is finished, I begin working on a linocut for a print show also scheduled for this year.

So much for vibrant color for now.


One thought on “Le Rêve

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