The Fifth Day (Large Painting)

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December 1, 2017 by smithartonline

The Fifth Day
Mixed Media Constructed Box
11 X 16 X 1 inches

Fifth Day (Large Painting) is another variation on the fifth day theme. I have a posting about an earlier small piece which goes into some detail about the motif. The work is the all-encompassing “mixed media.” Some of the galleries I deal with require more of an explanation, feeling that mixed media is too vague and really does not touch much on the processes involved.

This endeavor has an acrylic base: paint is both hand brushed and airbrushed. Papers are collaged on. Various forms are fashioned and applied, again being finished with acrylic paint and collaged papers. Decorative pins and Dresden foils are glued down. The advantage to using individual cut forms is I can visually play with the design, moving pieces around the base support. When I was involved with theater set design, this was a method used with directors. Individual units were designed which could then be moved around the final model as requested by the director and actors. I suppose it was something of designing “on the fly,” but it worked very well for our group.

I decided to challenge a new palette. I viewed a report from California Institute of Technology about a sanitation project they are involved with in India. The colors of the facility are bright blues, pinks, greens and oranges: truly joyful colors. The new colors I have adopted work, but I am not sure they sing to me: I still am attracted to earth colors, at least for now.

With all this said, I still will experiment with these new colors to see where they lead me. Interestingly, as soon as I began my investigations, I was approached to produce a painting for a show next fall: the painting is to be in blacks and whites with just a touch of color…go figure.


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