Round Kitsune Debate


September 28, 2017 by smithartonline

Round Kitsune Debate
Mixed media
12 X 18 X 2 inches

This little piece, Round Kitsune Debate, is a rework of a previous rectangular picture, The Debate. In the early 1990s I worked mainly with round panels, which were the result of viewing some First Nation shield covers. The format is an agreeable presentation and enjoyable to work on.

This is another “liberated” panel from my daughter’s stash of old art supplies. This is a prepared stretched round panel: unusual for me to use. I generally use plywood round panels and cover them with cotton material. Years ago I opted for painting directly on wood surfaces but, after a few years, the paint cracked…a nice “antiqued” look, but not exactly what I was looking for. A solution, which has been known at least since the Renaissance, is to put down a layer of cotton to avoid the cracking problem.

Something else I am wont to do, is to cut into the surface and drop in a shadow box affair. In this case, as it is a prepared round panel, there is no solid backing: no shadow box for this one. I did, however, add cut forms to the surface. Hopefully the epoxy adhesive will hold the elements to the surface; otherwise I fear this will have another “antiqued look” potential.


One thought on “Round Kitsune Debate

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