The Debate


September 7, 2017 by smithartonline

The Debate
Mixed Media
9 X 12 X .5 inches

The Debate began as a test piece seeking a new medium for the base texture. I have been investigating various media to build up a texture: as of this time I have used Liquitex Modeling Paste. It works well, but the price point is a bit over what most artists can easily afford on a grand scale. I tried a commercial wall covering but found it tends to peel off. As of this writing, There is a reason one buys pricier materials.

I abandoned the experiment and made up a finished work.

I discovered a stack of partially used canvas boards in my daughter’s room…some being more than twenty years old and of no use to the original owner. So…I confiscated them.

This piece is a standard canvas panel which I cradled then textured with Modeling Medium. I went into my collection of add-ons and pretty much randomly pulled out bits and bobs, attaching them to the surface as the spirit so moved. Hand painting a base coat of acrylic paint, then airbrushing texture and forms completed the work.

When all was done, the piece found its own name.


2 thoughts on “The Debate

  1. […] little piece, Round Kitsune Debate, is a rework of a previous rectangular picture, The Debate. In the early 1990s I worked mainly with round panels, which were the result of viewing some First […]

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