July 24, 2017 by smithartonline

Mixed Media Constructed Box
18.5 X27.5 X2.5 inches

Landfall is a constructed box created specifically for the Pasadena Society of Artists exhibition at Towns Burr Gallery in Burbank, CA. The exhibition is 5 August through 19 August.

I used various media over a textured Ampersand cradled support. Texturing is achieved with Liquitex and Golden modeling compound. A base color of orange and green is brush painted, then airbrush colors are applied through various stencil materials. After the base is completed, various elements are added: collage papers, three-dimensional elements, additional airbrush features and hand painted images.

Landfall detail


Landfall detail








The symbolic meaning of the image is left up to the viewer. Certainly I, as a now observer, see the elements I identify; some traditional symbols and others derived from personal experience. Each observer will bring a personal background and encounter a unique message contained within the work.

I recently was fortunate to receive a wood block print from Japan. David Bull carves traditional woodblocks from Japanese sources both traditional and contemporary. In my teaching days, had I been aware of the David Bull videos available on YouTube, I would have referenced these as the best education for student print makers. He knows his craft and presents it well.

If you have an opportunity, take a look at David Bull’s website, and view his videos available on YouTube.

Heron and Iris

A video about this specific image (Heron and Iris) may be found at

You will come away well educated.



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