The Fifth Day


March 15, 2017 by smithartonline

The Fifth Day
Mixed media on w/c paper
8.5 X 12 inches

The Fifth Day presents a whale theme in addition to the astronomical symbols used in other similar pieces recently completed. The base color is watercolor applied to Garzapapel paper. Acrylic paint and ink is then airbrushed over the surface through various stencils to create a painted texture to the base. Various pieces of paper detritus are glued down and some pencil line work is added.

I have used Dutch gilding over a textured base: in this case sand paper defines the whale form. The Dresden embossed paper comet, five star studs and the sewn on brass star were the final additions to the piece.

I call this The Fifth Day not to link it specifically to a religious theme…although the piece certainly seems to have named itself. As I am fond of pointing out to any who will listen, things were going along nicely through the fifth day of creation; it was the sixth day that things proved out to be a bit problematic. I wonder if perhaps things should have stopped at day number five.


One thought on “The Fifth Day

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