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February 24, 2017 by smithartonline


Observers Mixed media on Garzapapel w/c paper 8.5 X 12 inches

Mixed media on Garzapapel w/c paper
8.5 X 12 inches

I have been using Dutch gilding in addition to the usual mixed media with these small (8.5 X 12 inches) pieces on Garzapapel watercolor paper. There is an excellent effect of the gilt over relief areas to which elements are added on top of the golden surface. The actual textures beneath the gold areas shows differently in various lights and is difficult to capture in a photograph, so you will have to make a leap of faith and assume I tell no lies.

Certain characters reside in my box of figures. Here is the deer form that traditionally is presented as a guide providing a vehicle to move between worlds. The top hatted figure is my symbol of the philosopher. Birds are always defined as messengers from the gods.

As is true of most of the small mixed media works recently produced, there is no set agenda, no specific philosophical outlook…simply random figures and symbols becoming a part of the whole. The picture creates its own theme.

In many ways I am just another viewer trying to understand any hidden meanings behind the work…if there really is a meaning at all.

I remain mystified.






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