A Troublesome Birth

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January 13, 2017 by smithartonline

The Watcher Mixed Media Constructed Box 13 X 24 X 2.5 inches

The Watcher
Mixed Media Constructed Box
13 X 24 X 2.5 inches

Watcher was created for inclusion in an exhibition of small works at a local art gallery. Being smaller than many of my more elaborate shadowbox works, I assumed it would take very little time and would be ready for the show with time to spare. In truth, it proved troublesome from the inception through to completion. Measurements continually proved incorrect, colors mixed improperly and tools became foreign objects in my hands.

Sometimes I suspect some paintings just do not want to be born: certainly this piece is one of them. The fact that I have been attempting to hold the black dog at bay may have had some influence upon the direction of the work. I did, however, persist and finally the painting did come into existence.

I employed my standard vocabulary of symbols: astronomical forms, the deer guide, the oak tree…personal symbols used as design elements. I still am considered a narrative painter: the viewer is supplied with visual keys to create a personal story, a personal journey of understanding for those willing to invest the time to pursue it.

Watcher side views

Watcher side views


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