The Accidental Series


November 25, 2016 by smithartonline

Birdman Mixed Media on W/C Paper 8.5 X 12 inches

Mixed Media on W/C Paper
8.5 X 12 inches

Between working on larger and more time demanding pictures, I paint smaller works on Garzapapel watercolor paper. The paper is pure joy to work with – it is handmade in Spain, has a beautiful cold press surface and stands up nicely to the abuse I put it through. It is not uncommon for the materials to influence the direction a work of art follows; the watercolor paper here pushed me in the right direction.

I have completed a number of these pieces. There is no overt philosophical statement, no teaching intent. I use these exercises to knock out the cobwebs. I use materials right at hand. Certainly the main common element is the Dresden paper comet image; this shows up in most of the small works of recent vintage. I found a source for Dresden papers; I assumed these decorative trims had disappeared long ago. I now have a batch of comets and, after glazing color over them, they find their way onto the pictures.

This particular piece, Bird Man for lack of a better title, is watercolor and acrylic paint as a base color and texture, then additions are applied: the sewn-on divider within the double oak picture, the star nail heads, collage papers and the golden comet.

Looking down the road, there is a vague possibility of a solo exhibition at a local college in 2017 and I will not be surprised if there is a pert of the show devoted to a series of small astronomical works.


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