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November 7, 2016 by smithartonline

Kitsune and Oak Tree Mixed Media 10 X 7 X 1 inches

Kitsune and Oak Tree
Mixed Media
10 X 7 X 1 inches

This is a second work specifically for the Chaffey Community Museum of Art’s AIR Sale. Working with various and sundry bits of detritus I have been assembling small works for the show. The AIR (Artist’s Inventory Reduction) Sale presents works priced at $25, $50, $75 or $100. I have a few older pieces I will use to supplement my offerings of the 5 works requested by the museum.

Kitsune and Oak uses my favorite mythical creature from Japanese folklore. The kitsune, or fox, is a messenger between the earth and the realm of the gods; the concept goes way back to times when the Shinto religion was the primary belief system of the indigenous people. I added in the oak tree, another of my favorite motifs, and a personal totemic symbol, though I usually present it as a burning tree. I finished off the work with a smattering of astronomical symbols…just because I like them; in ancient times I had the joyful opportunity to provide illustration services to local space centered groups in the Pasadena area.

Make what you will of the picture…I have no pedagogical reason for creating it, just something to enjoy for what it is.

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