Bits and Bobs for the Chaffey Community Museum of Art

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October 14, 2016 by smithartonline


Anticipation Mixed Media 9.5 X 8.5 X 1 inches

Mixed Media
9.5 X 8.5 X 1 inches

Next month the Chaffey Community Museum of Art will present its annual AIR Sale (Artist Inventory Reduction Sale). All pieces are priced at $25, $50, $75 or $100 each, with half going to the museum and the other half to the artist. This is a nice opportunity for the artist, the museum and the public. Here a person can buy a unique work of art at an affordable price point, artists can receive a bit of income and the museum also can enjoy a little extra funding.

I usually make up a few small works specifically for the show. With my abysmal financial empire joining my time with nothing really to do, I have been picking through my stash of detritus and assembling them into small works of art. Anticipation is the first piece of five for Chaffey.

Initially I thought these small works could be finished in little or no time, but I find I cannot stop diddling with them; what originally would be a few hours turns into days. But it is fun…how can you put a time limit on fun? Besides, if I weren’t making art what else would I do…probably watching political debates?

I think I will continue making art.

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