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September 25, 2016 by smithartonline

Guides Mixed Media on W/C Paper 8.5 X 12 inches

Mixed Media on W/C Paper
8.5 X 12 inches

In a recent Pasadena Society of Artists meeting, artists with work included in the October exhibition were requested to make a verbal presentation about the work. We often do this to help artist members become comfortable presenting to the public. Fellow members are always supportive and non-confrontational, so this experience helps assuage the general angst that accompanies public speaking.

In my case, asking me to talk about my work is akin to throwing gas upon a burning fire. My daughter reports my teaching technique is “tyrannical lecture,” personally I don’t see it, but that is what she says. Of course I have always been aware of the glazed stares from my pupils of old.

Guides is one of my three pieces which will be exhibited in Pasadena during the month of October. Sometimes when I am disinclined to focus on creating large-scale works I will move to a more process-oriented attitude and make up these small mixed media works. It is usually a good way to knock out the cobwebs.

When I title these little pieces, it is simply a convenient way to identify them by the visual elements. It seems better than Untitled 1 . Actually in this case the title does reference the deer as guide. Wild animals, often white animals, are conceived of as guides for a person moving from one place to another. This motif seems to be found around the world in folklore, and the tales seem to develop independently. When I see similarities in world beliefs I often wonder what bone we all have in our heads that push us in a common direction…maybe it is just that all people are pretty much the same regardless of where we come from.

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