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July 27, 2016 by smithartonline

Landfall Mixed Media on W/C Paper 8.5 X 12 inches

Mixed Media on W/C Paper
8.5 X 12 inches

Landfall continues my series of small (8.5 X 12 inch) mixed media works. What began initially as a playful experiment with Garzapapel watercolor paper has evolved into a full series of related images: the comet being the unifying element. I still find joy working with this Spanish hand-made paper: everything about the paper is rewarding: the texture, weight, whiteness…just the tactile quality gives such pleasure

I recently was able to acquire an outstanding reference source about First Nation rock art. (The Rock Art of the North American Indians by Campbell Grant ISBN 0 521 25443 4) I have been influenced by early cave and rock art from around the world and having this book as a concise reference about this North American art form is a welcome addition to my library. The symbols are, more often than not, indecipherable to us today. Investigators can make educated guesses as to the meanings of the images but these can only be guesses. (I suspect there are some who are privy to the actual religious connotations of these elements, but they are inclined to stay off the radar). The beauty and innate spirituality is not diminished by our ignorance…these sites continue to uplift the soul of the viewer.

My ultimate intention is to transport the viewer to another place; I want it to be uplifting. Some say it is an escape from reality…if you believe this then so be it, even if only a momentary journey. The importance is that the image adds to the individual’s understanding of self and of the universe surrounding us all. I present visual elements to create personal narrative…go make your story.

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