June 17, 2016 by smithartonline

Flight Mixed Media on W/C Paper 8.5 X 12 inches

Mixed Media on W/C Paper
8.5 X 12 inches

Flight is another small painting using mixed media. I am using my stock set of symbols more as design elements rather than with forethought and planned philosophical intent. These pieces are simply a time for me to play with media and composition. I must admit I am enjoying both the process and the outcome of these little works. Visually, they work for me.

Of late the black dog has attached herself to me. Creating artwork is sporadic. When I can push myself to start work I find some joy, but that black dog is always waiting in the shadows and watching me. My own personal self-contained world has allowed her into my consciousness and the rest of the world, with the bombings and shootings, sustains her.

On a somewhat happier theme, I have been gallery sitting as part of the requirement for being included in the PSA 91st Annual show. A lady came in the other day and told me she has been actively seeking out art shows precisely because of the negative things out there in the world. Art is her respite.

Perhaps it would be best if I stop reading the daily news reports even though the black dog continues to bring me the newspaper.

The Black Dog


3 thoughts on “Flight

  1. Though the temptation is there to close eyes it would not help, I am sure. And to become one of the three monkeys does not seem a good aim…

  2. […] in a group exhibition with haleARTS in Santa Monica, CA. Two pieces are to be included in the show, Flight and Stella Crinita. Both are mixed media pieces on Garzapapel watercolor […]

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