A Collage Diversion

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February 11, 2016 by smithartonline

Mona Lisa in a Shell Collage 6.5 X 4.5 inches

Mona Lisa in a Shell
6.5 X 4.5 inches

Teaching at First Street Gallery Art Center I had a number of students with a good aptitude for collage…many were much more elegant in their artistic vision than I. Finding myself in the position of sending off a St. Valentine’s Day card to my daughter, and being of a thrifty disposition (the realists in my life refer to this as “cheap”) I made up a collage card rather than buying off the rack.

If you are of a surrealist mind, collage certainly is a way to go for artistic expression. I enjoy combining images which are very different from each other, then they come together creating a totally unexpected new image. Dreams become reality. It’s fun, if nothing else.

If truth be told, I suspect my daughter follows most of my fan base and will be more interested in the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf gift card contained within the card. The general consensus of my work is that it is weird to bizarre. Well, at least it elicits some sort of response.

There are a number of excellent collage artists I am aware of and I recommend a look at their work. They understand the how to of collage and photomontage creation. Take a look at the work of Sherry Parker, a Bay Area artist, and of Terry Braunstein who resides in Long Beach.

You may consider this my Valentine to you. In fact, if you drop by some Southern California landfills you might even find the original (I’ll sign it for you).

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