Tethered Whalers


August 24, 2015 by smithartonline

Tethered Whalers Mixed Media on Paper 12 X 16 inches

Tethered Whalers
Mixed Media on Paper
12 X 16 inches

Tethered Whalers uses a much brighter base color than I usually employ, going more toward light cadmium yellow. Recently I was at the Huntington Library and Art Gallery where a landscape painting was on display with the most amazing bright yellow painted sky; so bright I thought it was painted over a gold leaf. It was not leafed at all; it was oil paint and I hoped to reproduce the effect: no success. I guess more experimentation is in the offing. I also used a much more all-over design in this case. The piece certainly does have a graffiti wall feel with elements overlapping and add ons placed around the surface. The jury is still out as far as my view of how successful the artist has been in this case.

I have recently been sewing additional elements on to the paper support.These various papers and buttons play up the feel of age…bits and bobs attached over long periods of time. This is a nod to my childhood wanderings with my grandmother, often along local alleys, which were visually rich experiences and beautiful repositories of historical detritus.

My style allows me to vary my application process so I can use airbrushing at certain times, hand application of acrylics and also pencil and ink applications, I get to bounce around a bit. Mixed media keeps me from becoming too focused upon only one approach to my work (bored might be the word I am seeking). I still enjoy using the stencil graffiti application, using various signs and symbols as design elements.

The tethered theme is recurring lately. Both the animal images and the human images are bound. From my perspective it shows the interconnection between humans and environment (admittedly not particularly subtle, but worth exploring as a visual image), perhaps there is another take on this: the viewer is invited to provide a personal interpretation.

Papergirl Vancouver has opened a one week exhibition which runs from 24 August through 28 August. When the show is finished, all work will be distributed to the public. The works in the presentation are archived on their Flickr Gallery.

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