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June 8, 2015 by smithartonline

Untitled Mixed Media on Paper 12 X 16 inches

Buffer Zone
Mixed Media on Paper
12 X 16 inches

I continue to experiment with my collection of airbrush images, using them mainly as design elements rather than employing them to present a specific idea or make some sort of philosophical statement. I still consider myself a storyteller, but right now I present various elements and leave the story up to the viewer. Build your own story, it will be much more interesting than anything I can present. Make it your own.

I have been adding three-dimensional elements to the paper surface lately. Decades ago I did experiment with this concept, then abandoned it for some unknown reason lost in the mist of time. Now I am revisiting the idea and am enjoying it. I am also adding more collage effects to the surface. All this stems from my interest in the rich visual experience I have enjoyed since childhood when my grandmother would walk me through the various alleys around my home. She would point out all the layers of history evident on the walls and would invite me to imagine the times gone. I want to regain this wonder of history through the layering of the added pieces of detritus.

Art making continues to help stave off the advances of Melancholy…without art-making I have no idea what I would do about this. Then again, perhaps these periods of roller coaster moods are what creates the artist. If I were not an occasional art maker, what would I do with my time?


Papergirl Belfast has announced the dates of their exhibition on Facebook. The show will be presented in Belfast 27 June through 04 July. There will be an opening reception on 27 June, 7 – 9PM.

My piece Deer Lover was sent some time back for inclusion in this exhibition. In keeping with the requirements of the Papergirl Project, I used a base which may be rolled up as all works, at the conclusion of the exhibition, will be rolled and distributed to the general public.

Deer Lover Mixed media on raw muslin 22 X 14.5 inches

Deer Lover
Mixed media on raw muslin
22 X 14.5 inches


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