A Posting to Papergirl Belfast


April 9, 2015 by smithartonline

Deer Lover Mixed media on raw muslin 22 X 14.5 inches

Deer Lover
Mixed media on raw muslin
22 X 14.5 inches

I have posted Deer Lover over to Belfast for the next exhibition by Papergirl Belfast. The show will go up this summer though the exact date has not been set. Papergirl Belfast has a history of presenting successful shows and you can be confident this will be no different.

There is still some time left for those who wish to participate in this year’s presentation. All forms of artistic expression are welcome. The shows usually last a week or two, then works are distributed to people on the street; free and with no strings attached. If you are of a mind, the specifics can be found at the tumbler account Papergirlbelfast.tumblr.com.

The work for any Papergirl project is totally a gift for the people of the city where the show is located. The whole undertaking is for the pure joy of the artist and for the viewer. When all is said and done, someone will receive the gift to protect and enjoy.

3 thoughts on “A Posting to Papergirl Belfast

  1. […] piece Deer Lover was sent some time back for inclusion in this exhibition. In keeping with the requirements of the […]

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