Deer Park

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February 12, 2015 by smithartonline

Deer Park Mixed Media on Paper 15 X 22 inches

Deer Park
Mixed Media on Paper
15 X 22 inches

Deer Park is an example of a painting already existing in some ethereal place just needing an artist as a vehicle to give it material form. Initially my plan was centered on the journey theme I have used often over the last few years. Somehow no image seemed forthcoming while I worked the base colors and textures on the paper support. During this preparation period I happened across a mule deer in the front yard of my house (I have the good fortune to live in a forested area and it is not uncommon to run into various and sundry forest-type critters on a daily basis). He seemed to hang around longer than usual…I must assume he wanted his portrait done. I accommodated. The figure came into being and found its way into the present work. As the image developed, more and more symbols popped up with some references to the first sermon by the Buddha. Adding my own personal symbols into the mix, the image presented became manifest.

I should mention that I am not a Buddhist…if truth be told I am something of a “Religions 101” incorporating various philosophical and religious ideas from multiple sources…use what works for you. I am comfortable with it.

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