Papergirl Hastings, UK

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January 29, 2015 by smithartonline

Papergirl Hastings Poster

Papergirl Hastings is accepting work for their exhibition taking place 27 February – 13 March. Addresses for the location of the show and for work to be posted to Hastings is on the poster.

Papergirl Project is a worldwide movement that began in Berlin. Work is displayed for a set period of time, and then it is distributed to the public at the show’s conclusion. The works are rolled up and given away to passersby in the manner of the American newsboys of years long past.

The people organizing the event and the artists participating receive no material rewards: works are never sold either at the exhibition location nor afterwards. The works are a true gift to the community where the show pops up…in this case Hastings UK.

All forms of artistic creativity are welcome. Boundaries between various forms of expression are erased; you will view poems next to paintings next to musical scores. Papergirl Blackburn was a venue for one of my pictures (Kitsune Wedding) last year: Hastings continues the community gifting.

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