A Kitsune for Hastings

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January 22, 2015 by smithartonline


Kitsune for Hastings Mixed Media on Raw Muslin 16 X 11 inches

Kitsune for Hastings
Mixed Media on Raw Muslin
16 X 11 inches

I return to the kitsune theme, with the figures of the fox and woman against a field of various symbols. Most of the employed symbols relate in some way to the Japanese folkloric tales about the kitsune…some are self generated. Two influences occurred during the time I was working on this piece. I was fortunate to attend an exhibition of First Nation bead work at the Autry National Center. A number of pieces not only have beads attached to the base support, but some also have strings attached with beads free of the base. I have not yet determined whether this application is done as a religious ritual or if it the artist exerting personal creativity. The second encounter happened at the USC Pacific Asia Museum where a ceremony by the Korean Shaman Kim Keum-hwa was presented. Among the ceremonial paraphernalia were bells: they play an important part as a vehicle to join this world and the spirit world. I fused these two traditions together and implemented the ideas into the work you see. There are two lines attached with three beads each and a bell tied to the end.

I plan to send this work and Three Ravens (The Morrighan) to Hastings in the UK. Last year I sent one work to Blackburn for inclusion in the show by Papergirl Blackburn. This year Papergirl Hastings will present a similar exhibition 27 February through 13 March.

As the submitted works for Papergirl Hastings must be easily rolled up for end of show distribution, I used raw muslin and applied acrylic inks by airbrush and pen work applied by hand. As was true last year with Papergirl Blackburn, the work submitted is given away at the end of the show. I call it a gift to Hastings from across the pond.


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