Three Ravens (The Morrighan)


January 15, 2015 by smithartonline

Morrighan Mixed Media on Muslin 16 X 11 inches

Mixed Media on Muslin
16 X 11 inches

Currently I am working up a few pieces with an eye to shipping them across the pond to the UK. I still need to work out some of the logistics…if it does not happen then these endeavors may find themselves in Canada towards the end of this year.

The work is airbrushed acrylics on unprimed muslin. This allows the painting to be rolled up like the thangkas found in Tibet. There is a primed area where I applied Dutch gilding: this is the gold circle at the top. I also leave the edges of the muslin raw, showing the threads much like a lung-ta.

For want of a better name I call the work “Three Ravens.” In truth I consider this to be representing the Morrighan, an Irish goddess associated with warfare: her symbolic animal is the raven, or sometimes she will have a human form accompanied by an unkindness of ravens (yes, a flock of ravens is apparently called an unkindness…no idea what they ever did to deserve this). She also is sometimes presented as a triune or triple goddess.

In this particular image I chose to use a lighter yellow base color than I usually employ. The result left me saying…hmmm. I found that I much prefer a bolder base color application with a shift towards orange, much like the work I sent to Blackburn last year. In fact, the painting I am currently finishing has returned to this coloring.

All in all though, even a painting resulting in a less than enthusiastic response is significantly better than no painting at all.

One thought on “Three Ravens (The Morrighan)

  1. […] plan to send this work and Three Ravens (The Morrighan) to Hastings in the UK. Last year I sent one work to Blackburn for inclusion in the show by […]

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