Leviathan 2

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December 18, 2014 by smithartonline

Leviathan 2 Mixed Media on Paper 15 X 22 inches

Leviathan 2
Mixed Media on Paper
15 X 22 inches

I find Leviathan seems a popular theme for me lately – at least I created a leviathan titled piece earlier, this is the second. I guess two makes a series.

Years ago (like 30 or more) I went through a phase of tossing various shapes on a paper support and then airbrushing around the resulting forms, come what may. In this case I did use a similar approach but with some significant hands on control to an extent. It really does verge upon a stream of consciousness philosophy (admittedly, in my case, a somewhat polluted stream of consciousness).

I was not overly excited about the direction things were going. Composition wise it was just too out of whack for my tastes. So…I began changing areas to give a more unified visual result, anchoring the piece with the two whale forms and the sailboat, then the lattice areas at the edges. I have always been an insufferable micro- manager…even extending it to art making.

The final piece is umm, fair. I need to live with it for a time before I can gauge the success or failure. I find it necessary to occasionally put works away for a few months and return to it with new eyes and less emotional investment in the painting.

I have recently added a link to my posting about Bob Hansen, my mentor from college days. I found a page devoted to his time as a member of the “Monuments Men” during World War 2.


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