A Work for the 89th PSA Annual Exhibition


November 6, 2014 by smithartonline

Wooing of the Kitsune Mixed Media 19 X 30 X 3 inches

Wooing of the Kitsune
Mixed Media
19 X 30 X 3 inches

The Wooing of the Kitsune is a resurrected piece. I began this painting earlier this year with a plan of making works which could translate well into giclee prints or wrapped canvases. I abandoned the idea and put the painting away in a corner (with a bunch of other works that still languish in that very same corner).

Knowing that Pasadena Society of Artists’ 89th Annual was in the offing, I began a good size work…the concept was good but the painting just did not strike home for me. It went to the corner.

A month or so before the jury process for the exhibition I had nothing too interesting for entry and decided to forgo the entry this year.

With no work firmly in place, I decided to clear the “corner of no return.” I pulled out this early work and began adding cut forms to the surface. I reworked some areas and added relevant symbols to the image: it became my one submission.

Happily Wooing of the Kitsune was accepted and will be displayed with other PSA member created works at the Segil Fine Arts Gallery in Monrovia this month.

Specifics about the show may be found at my previous posting.



3 thoughts on “A Work for the 89th PSA Annual Exhibition

  1. Donald L. Smith says:

    An appealing theme, brother Steve. I, for one, am grateful you will not pass up the exhibition this year. I’m confident that other groupies feel the same way.

  2. […] from the thangka traditions Asia. Finishing this piece was interrupted when I stopped to prepare Wooing of the Kitsune for exhibition. So, this is a stop and go work. Generally I try to avoid this practice, but […]

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