Pasadena Society of Artists’ 89th Juried Exhibition


October 27, 2014 by smithartonline

PSA 89th Annual Exhibition

The Pasadena Society of Artists is presenting their 89th Annual Juried Exhibition. The show consists of over 60 pieces of art, both two and three-dimensional. The exhibition space is in the Segil Fine Arts Gallery located in Monrovia, California. The exhibition runs from 15 – 29 November. There is an opening reception 15 November. PSA is a membership group which embraces artists of a wide range of styles, from extremely photographic realism to non-objective and everything in between. With this broad range of styles promoted, there is sure to be something which will speak to every viewer.

I was involved with the Exhibition Committee and was present during the jury process: this year the show was juried by Joseph Futtner, Associate Dean of the School of Visual, Media and Performing Arts at Pasadena City College. His job was to pare down all entries – well over 130 works – to a manageable 60 to 70 pieces. This was no easy feat. Mr. Futtner successfully created an excellent show with quality work and one that demonstrates the beauty of PSA – there are as many varied styles as members in the group.

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