Star Catcher


August 26, 2014 by smithartonline

Star Catcher Mixed Media Construction 8 X 10 X 2 inches

Star Catcher
Mixed Media Construction
8 X 10 X 2 inches

Star Catcher is the second piece I completed anticipating the October PSA exhibition Curiosity. Keeping within the stated theme, I made up two box constructions with a larger main area and a cut out section allowing the viewer to see another area not quite visible, but hinted at.

Often I deal with the concept of barriers and the desire to see around them and /or to overcome them – either physically or intellectually. It is the desire to see and understand a new place or idea I attempt to present – curiosity.

Besides the presentation of physical barriers, I have returned to my old use of space related imagery. I used these images a great deal a few decades ago in both my painting and in my commercial work for local and international space focused groups. What can be more evocative of curiosity than exploration, especially the exploration of space?

To be honest, from my own perspective, perhaps nothing is more curious than these box affairs. I am just as curious as any other viewer to know what they are all about.

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