Curiosity of the Stargazer


August 9, 2014 by smithartonline

Curiosity of the Stargazer Mixed Media 8 X 10 X 2 inches

Curiosity of the Stargazer
Mixed Media
8 X 10 X 2 inches

Anticipating the fall Pasadena Society of Artists exhibition, I have been working on two pieces for inclusion in the show themed “Curiosity.” This picture, Curiosity of the Stargazer, is the first. The theme works well with my paintings as I am focused upon barriers and the movement from one place to another – always curious about what lies beyond. I focus upon moving from one understanding to another, overcoming barriers creating an opportunity for the soul to grow and develop…all is education.

The work is a constructed box with the main area cut with a window revealing another area beyond. Rather than a niche, which would be a part of the front panel, there is a definite whole other area hinted at through the cut out section. In the case of this picture, multiple barriers are hinted at: there are white poles on either side of the opening, like a curtain moved aside to reveal the dark area beyond.

Keeping within the theme, I have returned to some of my astronomical references: what embodies curiosity more than exploration of the unknown…of the vastness of space? Space has been a point of personal interest for decades: I have had numerous opportunities in the past to provide illustrations and designs for various space organizations, both here in the United States and in Europe. It was fun.

As of this writing I am beginning to work on the second piece for the exhibition. Hopefully I will flesh out the work and complete it within the time limits and keep true to the theme “Curiosity.” I will continue to employ space references in the new work.

If truth be told, most of my work is a curiosity to me. I am just as flummoxed as to their meaning as any observer. I sometimes wonder if William Blake understood his pictures fully, or do we simply operate as the brush in some divine hand.

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