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May 15, 2014 by smithartonline

Ruminations #2 Mixed Media on Paper 10 X 16 inches

Ruminations #2
Mixed Media on Paper
10 X 16 inches

I have continued working on a smaller scale to get a more immediate feedback for myself. The larger piece I am currently working my way through is at something of an impasse so I put it aside temporarily…the annual exhibition will be at the end of this year, so I do have the luxury of time before I must push to complete it. These quicker works help to awaken the creative Muses.

When faced with difficulty producing work, changing media or experimenting with new modes of application can give new breath to the artist. In this case I have returned to using small paint rollers – the type used for house painting. In ancient times I used rollers quite a bit, but then gave it up…at the time I was using various wall paints on cradled mahogany panel. The roller worked well, it made sense. As time moved along it was brought to my attention that the archival characteristics might leave something to be desired, so I abandoned the media. Now I am using rollers in a limited way with acrylic paint (Winsor and Newton, to be exact) so the question of longevity has been met…at least the work should outlast the artist.

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