Gaia Miniature for PSA

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January 29, 2014 by smithartonline

Gaia Miniature Mixed media 10 X 8.5 X .75 inches

Gaia Miniature
Mixed media
10 X 8.5 X .75 inches

Gaia Miniature is a small piece created in anticipation of the upcoming PSA exhibition “Flora and Fauna.” The cut out Gaia figure is fused to the main base and smaller decorative elements are attached. The work is textured with the surface built up using acrylic modeling compound, then brush painted with the base color. Afterwards the airbrush is used to apply the motifs and more texture.


There are two major influences evident in this painting. One is Indonesian textiles which I have enjoyed seeing over the years at the USC Pacific Asia Museum, and the other is stencil graffiti. I fell in love with stencil graffiti back in the 1980s when I found a small book on the subject…it actually changed my artistic development at the time, along with the airbrush, which I accidentally took up at about the same time. Unhappily I have no recollect of the title of the book as it disappeared years ago in a fire. Fortunately in recent times other sources for stencil graffiti have surfaced. One particularly useful source is


For the most part, I find things which sing to me, I accept the parts I like and make it my own. In a way, I suppose this has been the mantra of my life in general.

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