Safe Oak

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January 18, 2014 by smithartonline

Safe Oak 11.5 X 10 X 3 inches

Safe Oak
11.5 X 10 X 3 inches

2014 begins with the completion of a new box construction. The piece has gone through a number of incarnations over the last three weeks. It has moved from a planned large work similar to my Kitsune Wedding to the smaller box affair you now see. The theme also developed in markedly different directions. Initially I had planned a work based on Gaia, incorporating a rectangular area inserted into a 36 inch round panel. I was anticipating the major annual spring PSA exhibition. Finances being such as they are, I elected to shift to a smaller piece which is less costly (the round base for the larger work demands some serious gold). Keeping the maximum dimension under 12 inches puts it in line for the PSA show in May.

I came across the metal hamsa a friend brought back from his travels. I researched it a bit and decided the Gaia figure could easily transform into Miriam/Fatima/Mary, and the hand and eye symbol found its way into the picture. While working on the piece I learned the theme of the May exhibition is “Flora and Fauna.” Well…trees found their way into the work and now the figure is back to Gaia. I guess it was fated. 

Safe Oak Sides

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