A Gallery of Works for 2013

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January 3, 2014 by smithartonline

White Buffalo 2013 Miniature Oak 2013 Mini Kitsune 2013Icarus Miniature 2013

Whale Talisman 2013 Breaching Whale 2013Kitsune  and Woman 2013 JPEG

Guide Framed 2013Huntsman 2013 Oak Tree 2013

Numerous Small Lakes 2013 JPEGThe Groom and Tutor 2013 JPEG

Oak Reliquary 2013

Smith_Safe_Harbor_2013 JPEGSmith_Transformation 2013 JPEGSmith_Trickster 2013 JPEG

Whale Talisman Soul  2013

Kitsune Wedding























2013 was…interesting. I would say I am well rid of the year (a number of friends and aquaintances agree with me) but Fate has a mean sense of humor and may decide to make me long for the good times of 2013 as 2014 unfolds. At any rate, the art work continued in spite of the turmoils of 2013 and will, I hope continue into 2014.


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