Miniature Icarus

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November 22, 2013 by smithartonline

Icarus Miniature Icarus is a small mixed media piece (8 X 5 X .75 inches) using a male figure with wings added. A Sun disc breaks the top edge and is reflected by another smaller disc on the head of the figure.

I combine hand painting and airbrush to a surface built up of forms and heavy texture application. The figure is cut out and then fused to the main surface. The large disc at the top is attached to the surface. The two discs are finished in Dutch gilding (basically a poor man’s gold leaf).

The story of Icarus and Daedalus has been a favorite of mine since high school days – this is the story of hubris gone bad. Icarus is the victim of failed ambition. Wags say that Icarus and I are real soul mates, but I personally don’t see it…I just like the story.

Icarus Side Views



Here are the two sides showing the relief of the figure and the larger attached Sun disc. I like to wrap the painted design around the edge of my paintings presenting another ornamented surface.



Web Digression Image JPEG

On a new tack, my beloved Pacific Asia Museum has announced that it has formed an alliance with University of Southern California. Their news release points out that this move will allow the museum to enhance its mission in the community and to more actively reach out to the students and teachers of USC.

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