Oak Spirit

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November 14, 2013 by smithartonline

Oak Spirit seems a good name for this work. This is another one of the smaller scale pieces I am currently producing. I utilized the female figure wrapped in a blanket, which I have used regularly in the past year and the oak tree image, which has found its way into many paintings over the decades.

Oak Spirit

There are a few nods to various cultures here. The cross shape on the figure is commonly seen in First Nation works. There also happens to be a Saint Brigid cross to the left of the tree panel. Finally, I used the sacred colors or Tibetan Buddhism across the top of the painting. I use these elements for no particular reason…but why not?

I continue to use graffiti type forms to give the work a visual texture. The surface is very much physically textured using an acrylic-modeling compound. The figure, top colored edging and the tree panel are all added to the work, with the figure fused into the surface, the upper rectangular forms applied on the base and the tree panel is screwed on with a slight lift from the surface.

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