PSA Artists’ Choice Exhibition

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November 6, 2013 by smithartonline


The Pasadena Society of Artists is presenting their Artists’ Choice Exhibition from 9 November through 17 November. The gallery, Keystone Gallery, is located at 2558 North San Fernando Road, Los Angeles, CA 90065. There will be an opening reception on 9 November from 5 to 8.

The show is an artist’s choice presentation. The member artists are invited to bring up to four works to display during the run of the show. I chose these two pieces.

The Groom and Tutor       The Groom and His Tutor  2011    Mixed Media on Paper    15 X 20 inches

Guide      Guide   2011    Mixed Media on Paper    15 X 20 inches

I have always been focused upon the enjoyment of storytelling and with the power of the symbol. All world cultures have these two elements as part of their most basic identity. The two paintings, “The Groom and His Tutor” and “Guide” exhibit these influences found around the world. With an emphasis upon symbols to express philosophical ideas, the final images reference world myths and folkloric tales. The works tell stories which provide the viewer with a basis from which to move forward and engage in a uniquely personal voyage of understanding.

These two works have the greatest affinity to Celtic mythology, especially “The Groom and His Tutor” which directly relates to a concept of the required proper education to ultimately become a ruler, and the land is conceived as comparable to his bride. “Guide” is more concerned with movement in understanding – going forward in thinking. Visually, there are references to Asian and First Nation creations as well as more local influences of graffiti, icons and carnival art.

My college training came at a time when multiculturalism was in full swing and I am richer for it. Some suggest that multiculturalism is a dated concept, but I am quick to point out that this artist is equally dated.

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