A Mini Kitsune


October 23, 2013 by smithartonline

Mini Kitsune 8 X 5.25 X 1 inch

Mini Kitsune
8 X 5.25 X 1 inch

Here is a small constructed painting which, as of this writing, is the first in a series of small works. The piece measures 8 X 5.25 X 1 inch. I have been investigating some online art stores, like Etsy, as possible displays of my work to sell at a low price. I was recently viewing Walt Hall’s site and he uses Etsy to sell small works at extremely attractive prices so most anyone may now own a Walt Hall original.

I erroneously assumed working at this small scale there would be less time involved — I was wrong. I still spend beaucoup time diddling around with the piece, spending days to complete it. But the time spent is well worth it to me, and it is worth looking at.

Word on the street is that one needs 5 to 10 pieces to put up for sale in these online shops, so it will be some time before this comes to pass — if at all. I am not really much of a sales person…which is
why art galleries were invented.

Mini Kitsune Right Mini Kitsune Left JPEG

These images show the sides of the work as well as the relief on the front.




Web Digression Image JPEG

If you find yourself in Pasadena and can get over to the Huntington Library before the end of January, be sure to see the wood sculpted work on temporary display in the Steele Gallery of American Art. It is Sargent Claude Johnson’s organ screen from the California School for the Blind in Berkeley. It is relief sculpted of redwood, oiled and gilded in some areas. There are three panels portraying the calming effect of music by presenting various animals at peace, a pair of singers in the middle of the central panel with birds above. Johnson uses plant forms to unify the three part screen. Created in the 1930s there is an Art Deco feel to it. Standing in front of this work, I felt a power and presence rarely encountered in a work of art. Hopefully, when the screen is taken down, there will be a permanent installation somewhere at the museum…this is a work which needs to be seen and experienced. It is pure joy.

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2 thoughts on “A Mini Kitsune

  1. dlsmith671 says:

    Brother Steve – I’m going to the Huntington tomorrow at noon as a guest of a volunteer. She’s showing me the Junipero Serra exhibit. I’ll see if I can also catch the item you mention. Thanks for the timely notice. Don

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