An October Exhibition

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September 21, 2013 by smithartonline

Trickster Reflects Upon the Life of the Artist, 2013 Mixed media constructed box 9.25 X 12 X 2.75 inches

Trickster Reflects Upon the Life of the Artist, 2013
Mixed media constructed box
9.25 X 12 X 2.75 inches

Trickster Reflects Upon the Life of the Artist will be included in Pasadena Society of Artists’ October exhibition “Reflections.” The show will be in Pasadena’s Central Library during the entire month. All works in the show were to deal with some aspect of the stated theme and the maximum dimensions not to exceed 12 inches in any direction.


During the process of creating the piece, I recorded the various steps I went through.


Reflections BaseThe base was built up using Ampersand panel for the face and wood for the side components. Japanese paper was used to cover all seams. I applied texture to all the surfaces using an acrylic modeling paste. It was then given a coat of acrylic primer.


Reflection BaseThe base under painting was applied by brushed tube acrylics. I generally apply two or three coats to the surface.




Reflection Insert

The insert is formed using watercolor paper rounding the sides so that the viewer will not see edges. By doing this, the area beyond the primary surface appears to extend without limits.



Reflection The insert set into the primary surface carrier. Some additional painting has been done both by brush and by airbrush.




Reflection Lt:Rt JPEGThe final piece is to be viewed from multiple perspectives: the sides, top and bottom are all embellished with forms and symbols.



So there you have it, how to build an original Smith. If you have the opportunity to see this work and other pieces by members of PSA in the October showing, please do. One of the beauties of PSA is with so many different styles of presentation there is sure to be a work which will strike your fancy. Works run from extremely non-objective to highly photo-realistic. There are painters, photographers, sculptors; every area of visual art is well represented.

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