Breaching Whale

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July 8, 2013 by smithartonline

Breaching Whale JPEG

On occasion, it is wise to just push paint around and let things fall where they will. This small play piece (11 X 15 inches) comes with no hidden meaning nor plans to be anything other than what it is – a picture. I have been developing new forms, including a nice sperm whale image. Whales are beautiful aerodynamic forms, and I wanted to play with this form.

The work originally was only going to show the one whale in the upper left quadrant, and two female forms occupied the lower right quadrant. The piece just didn’t work for me, so I put the whole thing away for a week, and then re-evaluated it.

The female figures were problematic, rather clumsy forms, so I collaged them away using some map papers I have had for many years. I cut new whale stencils and reworked the piece. A big advantage of my style is that I can trash whole areas rework them and no one notices (or are too well mannered to say anything).

For lack of a better title, Breaching Whale seems a good description of the painting. I confess to wondering if sperm whales do actually go in for breaching – they certainly don’t look like they are designed to do such acrobatics. Low and behold, a quick Google of breaching whales provides a plethora of pictures presenting sperm whales breaching. I guess the design works for Mother Nature.

Everything still looks like a Smith work, but it was nice to play with paint and airbrush…no preplanned images, no statement…maybe the picture makes its own statement. For me, the ritual of creating an image was enough for me this time through.

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