Whale Talisman 1

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May 13, 2013 by smithartonline

Whale Talisman I have completed a few works over the past months for specific shows, so now I am in the position of creating without a focus upon producing representative pieces of my work. Now I can work totally for me. Just to play, I have quartered my watercolor paper down to the 11 X 15 inch size. I want to go back and explore the attraction old alleyways have for me: the layering of old advertisements and sloughing images creating a palimpsest of historical layers. By using the smaller size, I can work more quickly to paint in the base colors and then experiment with bits of detritus to replicate the feel of the ally.

In this painting, I am more inclined to add papers and separate images letting them float against the background. In the past I have tried to fuse them into the base painting, but now I want the various pieces recognizable as individual additions. I confess that this work does not significantly vary from my usual work, except in some applications…I guess my style is pretty much gelled. On the bright side, at least you know what you get with me.

I believe a painting already exists and is waiting for the artist to come along, link into it and provide the means to give it visual form. This painting provides an example. It was not by my own design that the two whale figures and the two white cross elements at the top mirror each other. The left whale is mainly black while the right the whale is defined by the white blow-over. The left cross is defined with white while on the right, the cross uses black. The effect is to balance each other.

I produced a number of “talisman” images in the past, and, again playing, I am considering returning to this source for inspiration. I may or may not continue in this direction: it is all just play right now.

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