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February 16, 2013 by smithartonline

Transformation Multi ViewThis mixed media constructed painting was finished a week or so ago. The Pasadena Society of Artists will soon be displaying work in conjunction with an arts celebration presented by Pasadena. The exhibition is themed “Change” and the work shown must relate to the theme.

Usually I set my own theme for a body of work, in this instance the theme came from outside sources (PSA). Happily, the parameters are fairly broad, so there is quite a bit of latitude allowed each artist.

Continuing my own current theme (kitsune), I was able to take advantage of an obvious connection between the shape shifting stories from Japan and the theme of change. The shape-shifting tale is found around the world – moving from one manifestation to another to partake of different realms.

I incorporated a comet symbol in the round area to the right of the window area. Traditionally the comet is believed to be a harbinger of change. Continuing my use of hermetic iconography, five stars are incorporated as a luck talisman. Four are seen on the front face, the fifth is on the left side. Astronomical references are inside the open window area, which also presents the transforming figure of the kitsune to woman. Finally, there are two views of the oak tree, one in early morning and another in the evening.

Movement between worlds or understanding is a theme, which I have focused upon for a good deal of my art making life. These tales of shape shifting have always intrigued me and they continue to provide a focus for my work. I must admit I am a bit mystified at why this should be so. Perhaps it is an inner hope that one may transcend the world as we know it – I guess I am an escapist artist who is not altogether satisfied with the world as it is, so I create another reality, if only to enjoy for a brief moment.

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