The Oak Tree

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February 8, 2013 by smithartonline

Oak in RainI am in the fortunate position of preparing my work for a number of upcoming shows, including an exhibition at Tah Gallery in South Pasadena next month. I am framing this piece up for the gallery show.

This is one of my seasonal ruminations, showing the same image in two different environments. One oak tree is presented in the Sun; the other oak image is in rain. A sun disk and a moon disk are to the left; both are Dutch gilding (a fancy way of saying fake gold or silver leaf, the real stuff is out of my price range at this point in my life). There are seven stars. I commonly use the hermetic symbols and numbers, five and seven being the most common numbers. These numbers are considered a positive talisman in many cultures. Perhaps my secret hope is the pictures will bring the owner good fortune. Of course, now that I have written this, it no longer is such a secret hope I suppose. The cross shape to the right is not so much a religious image here, but rather an attractive shape which comes into the picture from outside the visual area. There is also a liberal use of arrows, which I use as representing either fate or choice, depending upon what life has thrown to me at the time.

The works on paper have a definite architectural feel to them, which is not surprising. Years ago I was involved with theater set design and construction. This experience found its way into my fine art. Another definite influence is the book Mediterranean Color by Jeffrey Becom (Abbeville Press, 1990, ISBN 0-89659-925-6). The book presents photos by the author of color use in the Mediterranean region, often as it relates to architecture.

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